After introducing health systems and universities in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), this site presents a comprehensive mapping of health professional programmes (HPPs) in the region and discusses best practices in international partnerships that seek to support them. It also presents research and experience in the field.

  • “Health Systems” provides an overview of health and health systems in the region.
  • “Universities” introduces the development and role of universities in Africa before presenting ideas about the formation of academic health sciences centres.
  • “Mapping of HPPs” presents a comprehensive mapping of HPPs. Medicine, nursing and public health programmes are included currently. In the future we will add pharmacy, dentistry and rehabilitation sciences.
  • “International Partnerships” discusses the range of partnerships (e.g. local, national, regional) that universities in SSA have before focusing on international, inter-university partnerships, including North-South, South-South, North-South-South and Consortia.
  • “Research” presents our own research in the field. Useful resources (e.g. guides and tool-kits), articles and other research is presented at the bottom of many of the pages.

Aaron N. Yarmoshuk manages this site. This short video introduces his career working in SSA: